• Designing AI

    A bot not just need to be built, but DESIGN in order to fit the best experience of users.

  • Why us ?

    It may be easy to build a bot, but it's hard to build a good one


    A user-friendly chatbot is a combination of perfect use of linguistics, visual graphic, coding and human logic.


    Our team focuses on human computer interaction design to enhance the overall user experience. Only great user experience can impress your client and bring substantial result.

    We understand Asia


    Locating in Hong Kong, the heart of Asia, Aisabot understands the culture and behaviour of people in Asia countries. We tailor-make chatbot with impressive characters. Available languages are: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean 한국어/조선말, Hindi.

    Data Visualisation and Collection


    Our backend platform turns both generic data and bot-specific metrics into easy-to-understand visualization graphics to help you to understand your clients. You are the boss of your data. Raw data and data report can be downloaded for off-line use.

  • Our Projects

  • We are honoured to be invited to demonstrate our latest embedded AI technology with a walking robot at APAC Innovation Summit - Robotics (Embedded Artificial Intelligence). The robot is designed as a medical assistant to interact with users to answer some frequently asked questions in...
    A chatbot we built for Hong Kong Design Centre - KODW event, one of the biggest event of HKDC in each year. The chatbot was implemented in a over 1000 guests event to service as an event concierge. Guests can ask the chatbot about event rundown, speakers info, purchase ticket and do networking...
    April 15, 2017
    A Fashion mobile locator with embedded AI to suggest user the fashion store they might like . The technology is able to based on psychological prediction and machine learning to fine tune the result and give user some ideas on the fashion item to look for in the market. The system is able to...
    A campaign for Twinings to arouse audiences' interests on a Platinum Range product line. The AI suggests user their "Cup of Tea" by asking some questions about lifestyle behaviours of the user. Most of the users are being surprised of their Twinings tea matches according to their personality.
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