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  • What is a chatbot?

    Chatbot is a word combining “Chat” + “Robot”, which means, a chatting robot 🤖(obviously)!

    It is a service mimics conversation with human, powered by rules and artificial intelligence.


    Conversational Interface

    New business model

    The benefit to use a text-based conversational interface is it is more intuitive. It is much faster and direct to get the service. Texting has been universal and available in various popular messaging channels and websites. For instance, Facebook messenger has over 1.2 billion of users nowadays.

    NLP, AI & Machine learning

    Technology enabled

    Asiabot utilizing Natural language processing (NLP) to understand user’s intention. Leveraging the power of machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI), your chatbot will be trained to learn more about users and in turn to provide more personalized service to your client.

  • “You should message a business just the way you would message a friend.”

    Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

  • Across Popular Channels

    User don't have to download an app anymore for your application!

  • Why Chatbot is a big deal ?

    5 reasons that it makes your business success

    1. Game changing factor

    By 2020, 80% of buying mode will be replaced by chatbot instead of expensive apps. Chatbot is intuitive, not requiring installing or downloading. Conversation interface will become dominant for online purchase.

    2. Acquire new customers

    Generation Z and young millennial feel at home with chat interaction on mobile device. There are many successful cases of drawing people in by using chatbots.

    3. Raise customer engagement

    Problem solving conversations and effective assistance are critical elements for closing a deal in the highly competitive

    e-commerce market.

    4. Enhancing customer satisfaction

    24/7 Real time communication, personalization response, chatbot give your customers a way of one-on-one communication they expect it. It strengthens customer loyalty and increase retention rate as a result

    5. Reduce cost

    Chatbot will disrupt and streamline

    the services being conventionally provided by call centers,

    e-commerce providers and corporate internal service teams, leading to cost savings for companies and unmatched efficiency for customers.

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