• A.I. voice synthesizer (TTS engine)


    The ONLY NICE voice (Text-To-Spech) TTS engine with Cantonese, English and Mandarin that is able to be built on premises in the market

  • Natural Voice Demonstration

    Highly human-liked characteristic AI voices in Asiabots's Text-to-Speech engine



    TTS Avatar


    Gentle, modulated and sweet



    TTS Avatar


    Cheerful, bright and appealing



    TTS Avatar


    Clear, rational and clam

    Xiao Xu


    TTS Avatar


    Dignified, clear and firm

  • Applications

    Delightful applications with custom voice


    Establish an exclusive audio sound to provide feedback and guidance during any conversation.

    Audio book / Podcast

    A better voice experience for creating audio materials

    Voice Chatbot

    Plugging voice into chatbot, interacting with your clients with voices


    A unified voice provide a unified image for branding and marketing. 


    Featuring your hero in the game with character and Personality.

  • Customisable voice

    Unique features for your voice

    Highly customized

    Asiabots’s A.I. voice engine simulates avatar with different characters, gender, age, intonation and expression.



    Voice cloning

    Copy the voice of specific celebrity for marketing campaigns and sales applications.


    Provide us 30 minutes of voice data sample, we are able to simulate the voice.

    Text-to-speech (TTS) API

    API ready to Integrate to any kinds of products, robots, hardwares, web applications, games, marketing campaigns. Support IVR interactive Voice response.

  • Pricing

    Talk to our professional team for free consultation and price quotation

    Voice Specialist

    Issac Wong

    Asiabots AI voice specialists

    "Voice synthesizing technology is able to enhancing the value of business in various industries. A easy-to-remember unique voice is the first image for your brand. I am glad to hear from you. Let's build amazing sound together !"

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