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Providing better Customer Service by using only 1 technology

Chatbot又名為功能性聊天機械人,普遍可以應用在各大聊天軟件,如:Facebook Page Messenger、Whatsapp等等,只要事先輸入顧客常問問題,當顧客聯繫企業時,不需要真人費時回答,Chatbot自動會替你回覆客人的提問。

‘Chatbot’, which refers to chatting robot, could be applied to various communication applications, for example Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, more and more. A chatbot can answer customers inquires automatically after you enter certain frequently asked questions (FAQs). Customers do not need to wait for the reply.

對從事Marketing行業及部門的人而言,有了Chatbot為他們省時不少。香港人工作極高效率,「Time is Money (時間就是金錢)」,經Social Media查詢,但往往總是無法即時獲得回覆,與其呆等,倒不如找找其他提供相似商品或服務的公司,結果待Marketing的員工終於能解答客人的查詢,他們早已打算購買其他公司的服務了。無奈公司亦不可能要求同事1年365日24小時on call回應客人的查詢,往往當中在客人等待的一兩天、甚或數小時之間,一個可貴的商業機會就瞬間溜走了。

For those who is working in the marketing industry, having a chatbot will be awesome. ‘Time is Money,’ Hong Kong people are one of those who live with fast working pace. They are not willing to wait for the solution for hours, therefore after the marketing staff is able to answer the questions after a few hours, they already utilized the time to search for other companies that provide similar goods and services, resulting in a loss of business opportunity at the end. However, it is unreasonable to ask for the marketing staff to be available all days to answer the inquires.

作為公司的管理團隊,又豈能無視此問題?因此有些領先一步的企業選擇設立Chatbot為客人提供更優質的客戶服務,例如Spotify、Sephora及Pizza Hut等企業皆利用了Chatbot,為客戶提供優越且即時的客戶服務。

As a management staff, what could we do to solve the problem? Some corporations like Spotify, Sephora and Pizza Hut, choose to use chatbot to tackle the issue. By using a chatbot, they could provide better customer service to secure their business opportunity.


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