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本地科創研發AI虛擬客服大使 新時代用戶體驗帶來無限商機

感謝Business Touch的報導!報導中提到的O2O服務機械人就是我們的虛擬A.I.服務大使Carey!Carey除了可以應用到酒店業和服務行業,還有很多你意想不到的方式幫助你!

如果想要知多一點,歡迎到 瀏覽更多或聯繫我們的團隊。

Thank you Business Touch for the great article. The O2O Service Robot mentioned is our Virtual A.I. Ambassador Carey. Not only hospitality and service industry, Carey could assist your business in various ways that you can never imagine!

Please visit our website or contact our team if you want to know more about our service.

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