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特朗普都識講廣東話?Can Trump speak Cantonese?

特朗普都識講廣東話?  Can Trump speak Cantonese?

美國總統大選如火如荼,有傳特朗普為了取勝,竟用廣東話謝票...?當然不是了!Asiabots日前利用我司的TTS Engine語音合成系統,合成了一段疑真似假的特朗普廣東話錄音,想要了解更多,立即閱讀 Capital 資本平台的報導吧

The president election is still going on. It is heard that Trump expressed his appreciation to his fans in Hong Kong by speaking Cantonese…? Of course not! Asiabots synthesized a recording of Trump speaking Cantonese using our own Text-to-Speech Engine. If you want to know more, make sure you do not miss the article by the Capital!


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