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A.I. X Metaverse - are you ready?

Have you heard of the term ‘metaverse’? Defined as an expansive virtual space where users can interact with 3D digital objects and 3D virtual avatars of each other in a complex manner that mimics the real world, the metaverse will be an $800 billion market by 2024, according to a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report. Representing a largely unexplored space filled with endless possibilities, businesses, following Facebook-who-now-becomes-Meta, have already been flooding into the market in hopes of gaining a share. In particular, companies are heavily invested in further developing existing Artificial Intelligence algorithms and technologies for A.I.’s immense potential in its applications in the metaverse.

According to a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report, the Metaverse will be an $800 billion market by 2024.

AI helps to shape a future virtual society

The use of artificial intelligence in the metaverse presents some truly exhilarating opportunities. First and foremost, the use and applications of digital humans in the metaverse undeniably has some of the most important roles in the re-creation and re-imagination of virtual space, as ultimately, it definitely matters how “human” we are and the experience feels in the metaverse. The power of artificial intelligence can not only allow for truly intelligent, realistic, and natural digital avatar creation and virtual interactions, but also erase potential boundaries that may hinder socialisations in the real world, such as time, space, and language.

A.I. ensures the prosperity and stability of digital humans in the metaverse. Digital humans are 3D versions of chatbots, that are truly intelligent and highly conversational, and have a virtual avatar that presents eye-catching looks however they want based on needs. They are built entirely using AI tech, and are essential to the landscape of the metaverse. Fom NPCs in gameplay to automated assistants in VR workplaces, digital humans become the absolutely indispensable main characters in the metaverse in constructing a virtual society.

AI helps to personalize your digital presence

If you want your own version of digital human that can truly represent you in the metaverse, constantly evolving A.I. technologies are here to help too! The most realistic representation of oneself in the metaverse ensures top quality user experience. A.I. engines now are already able to analyse 2D user images or 3D scans to generate your online virtual avatar with extremely high real-life similarity, together with the simulation of different facial expressions, emotions, hairstyles, and skin details etc. to make the avatars truly unique.

Build a more cohesive community in Metaverse by removing communication barriers

A.I. also allows for smooth language processing, which eliminates constraints in interpersonal communications among users from different regions and cultures. With relevant natural language processing (NLP), speech-to-text, and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies, the entire process of breaking down natural languages, conducting relevant analysis and generating feedback for users via text or language only takes a fraction of a second – just like a real conversation. Equipped with such powerful tools, users from all parts of the world all have equal access to the metaverse, transforming the metaverse into a truly borderless global village.

While these all sound distant to you as a regular user, perhaps, the A.I. revolution and the transformational change brought by the metaverse is nearer than you would ever imagine.

Meet Carey if you haven't yet - she is the most iconic A.I. Ambassador developed and designed by Asiabots. With naturally animated looks and expressions, and realistic features and voices, Carey talks, converses and interacts just like a real person!

Supported by Asiabots’ self-developed A.I. engine sophisticatedly combining a myriad of technologies such as NLP and TTS, Carey is proficient in multilingual communications and, being employed by government authorities and private corporations, she has already been serving other users in the virtual world - she can be your personal assistant, concierge or tour guide. In fact, with proper training, she is anything you need her to be, from appearances to functions. Standing at the dawn of the metaverse, it is very easy to imagine A.I. powered digital humans, just like Carey, representing us in the utopian virtual world.

Want to catch the trend before it is too late? Contact Asiabots now, and we’ll see each other in the metaverse!


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