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Finally receiving your vaccination? It is time for an A.I. Voicebot for better aftercare

Amid the Hong Kong’s fifth COVID-19 wave, the Hong Kong government’s latest disease control measure, the vaccine passport, will take effect on the 24th this month (February). 23 kinds of premises such as government buildings, public transport, school campuses, restaurants, and shopping malls will become only accessible to those citizens that have received at least one jab.

As citizens are queueing up to receive their vaccination at last, they must have burning concerns on the potential side effects of vaccination. In this fully automated age of digitalization, are you able to imagine having artificial intelligence as your own personal carer, a true professional who not only answers all your vaccination-related questions, but also closely monitors your health status and even contacts professional services for you if circumstances are detected to be acute or serious?

South Korea: Health-check with automated call

South Korea has already come up with this brilliant solution named “Vaccine Care Call” last year that makes great use of A.I. phone calls. Trained A.I. will make outbound phone calls to citizens that have just been vaccinated to check on their health conditions and any side effects experienced. The central system can not only document the call contents in detail, but also automatically identify acute and serious conditions, which will then be passed on to professionals for follow-up processing.

The “Vaccine Care Call” has already been put in use in 13 districts in Seoul, and is on its way to cover the entire city. Pilot data in Dobong-gu district revealed that during the pilot programme, the A.I. handled 85% of total reports, amounting to 3, 141 calls. As a result, the number of calls human officials have to pick up was reduced by over 100 calls per day. The A.I. call programme is able to increase work efficiencies for officials and professionals and is widely positively received during this trying time.


You may be curious if we have similar products in Hong Kong. The good news is that a widely acclaimed solution, Voicebot, brought to us by a local start-up Asiabots, can be entirely up for the challenge! Voicebot are A.I. phone call bots that are self-developed by Asiabots. With its powerful Automated-Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines, Voicebot can make automated calls to its target groups, check on the health conditions of vaccinated citizens, provide immediate and accurate answers and advice to any questions, and connect to human agents for emergency processing should the need arises.

Excelling in multitasking, Voicebot can make several phone calls at once and process different complex tasks simultaneously, while digitalising and storing all call contents on Clouds for clear categorisation and documentation. With appropriate training, A.I. Voicebot are perfectly capable in becoming your own personal carer, soothing your anxious hearts after vaccination, and sending all-round care via phone calls. Alleviating the burden of handling low-end, repetitive tasks, healthcare professionals are now able to apply their skills in more critical areas of work.

The application of the powerful, versatile Voicebot undoubtedly will bring strong support and revolutionary change to both public and private sectors in Hong Kong. To know more on how Voicebot can be of help to you, visit now!


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