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The Global Entrepreneurs Alliance Information Forum held on 30 Jan 2024 in Guangzhou

The Global Entrepreneurs Alliance Information Forum was held on 30 Jan at Conrad Guangzhou in Guangzhou. Chris Shum , the Co-founder and CEO of Asiabots, shared our cutting-edge technology - the Cantonese AI language model and its future development trends - at the forum.

As a supporting organization, Asiabots also played a crucial role in the successful execution of ForbesGA Tech Roadshow organized by Forbes Global Alliance, contributing to the promotion of entrepreneurship and business communication.

The Global Entrepreneurs Alliance Information Forum aims to foster domestic economic circulation, assist domestic entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises in entering international markets, and drive outward development. The forum covers various fields such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), ForbesGA Tech Innovation Roadshow, Financial Trends, and Global Lifestyle Planning. It delves deep into global trends and engages in in-depth discussions on how to integrate global entrepreneurship and business development.

環球企業家聯盟資訊論壇於1月30日在廣州康德萊酒店舉行。Asiabots聯合創始人兼首席執行官Chris Shum在論壇上分享了我們的優勢技術——粵語AI語言大模型及其未來發展趨勢。

作為支持機構,Asiabots亦為福布斯環球聯盟所推行的ForbesGA Tech路演的順利舉辦、為促進創業者和企業間的交流出了一份力。

環球企業家聯盟資訊論壇旨在促進國內經濟內循環,協助國內企業家和創新企業進軍國際市場,推動外循環發展。論壇涵蓋ESG(環境、社會和公司治理)、ForbesGA Tech創新路演、金融動態、環球生活方式規劃等多個領域,深入探討環球趨勢,並就如何融入環球創業和業務發展作深度討論。


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