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The role of A.I. in New Norms

When will the Covid pandemic end? Almost two years into a pandemic that makes people change their minds not asking this question anymore. Companies are starting to embrace technologies to convert part of their services to smart automation. Artificial Intelligence is proven to be helpful to support business operations when staff is required to work from home to reduce physical interaction.

Our Approach: A.I. ambassador solutions

To reduce the risk of spreading viruses, some Hong Kong companies have started to use robots to provide customer services. A.I. ambassador is an A.I. automation robot for answering questions, providing guidance and assistance in a way of contact-free. Instead of heavy and bulky movable robots, A.I. ambassadors are software-based and could be installed on most digital signages.

A.I. ambassadors are kind of Apple Siri but built for different companies. Like how you ask your Siri on your phone or apple watch, A.I. ambassador is also a customer-centric service, customers just ask what they want, what they need, and other requirements directly. In a shopping mall, what customers are looking for are the items they need instead of remembering which shops have those items. “Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne?” “Escargot” or “Egg Tart”? “Suggest me a gift for my anniversary?” “Any discounts or promotions from any brands?”

In addition to answering customers in a new manner, A.I. ambassadors provide utilities that facilitate daily operations and even provide unmanned A.I. services. For example, A.I. ambassadors are used in property buildings to provide entrance gateway control. Visitors could ask A.I. Ambassador to send an A.I. voice call message to tenants and ask for a permit to enter the building. During Covid, there are many food delivery services where A.I. Ambassador has specialty functions to manage their entries and exits in a secured manner.


Conversational A.I. in Voice solutions

A.I. Voicebots are practical alternatives to corporations and governments when they need to provide large and routine outbound calls. Some SaaS services such as could help them to generate and automate outbound calls by schedule. It is very useful in many scenarios such as in medical areas, to remind patients of medications and appointments. In Taiwan, A.I. Voicebots are used to generate calls for people every day after quarantine to check their health status. It saves lots of manpower for phone calls, while all data could be securely stored and traceable.

Outbound A.I. calls are useful too in many commercial scenarios such as providing the latest information to clients, warm calls during festive seasons, and notifications of operation issues such as parcel delivery in logistic industries.


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