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A.I. Ambassador

Bring A.I. to life that delivers a captivating self-service experience

Interactive A.I. self-service system, equipped with advanced conversational A.I. that provides futuristic humanless customer service.

Enhance self-service efficiency with voice interaction

Capitalizing the advantages of voice control technology

Voice has been research proven as a more efficient input method than tapping. Just say what’s in your mind to A.I. Ambassador and forget the tap-only conventional self-service kiosk.

Get what your customer asking accurately

The speech recognition accuracy varied largely across different voice-interaction systems in current market. Asiabots’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine guarantee >90% speech recognition accuracy, in any use case and language—even speech in mixed-language.

Accessible to the visually impaired and elderly

With 13% of global populations having some degree of visual impairment, the voice-interactable A.I. Ambassador provides an inclusive experience to those visually impaired, allowing them to enjoy the convenience of self-servicing through voices.

Asiabots's A.I. Ambassador in "Tuesday with Techies" by Microsoft HK

Lively using experience to impress your customer

Humanize your digital presence with animated character

Worrying that self-service tech disconnect your business to customer emotionally and harms communication? Our customizable virtual character humanize self-service experience, with smooth facial and body expression to deepen your brands personality.

Enhance engagement with audio branding

Voice plays an immense role in human experience. Powered by our text-to-speech engine, we provide a wide variety of AI Voices deliver a more compelling and expressive self-service experience to your customer and can fits your brand’s personality.

Digital Domain 3D Virtual Avatar Sabrina.jpg
digital domain logo.png
Amaze your customer with Hollywood's top-grade visual effect

Asiabots is partnered with Digital Domain, a global visual effects pioneer behind Avengers and Titanic to design a series of lifelike digital humans that you can use in our A.I. Ambassador.

Versatile configuration and easily managed

Vertical or horizontal installation

32 - 85 inches HD/UHD display

Wall-mont or stand

ai ambassador bgd.jpg

Admin panel & reports

Bring all the data to a central location, track the usage pattern at a glance and edit the conversation content in one place.

Live chat

Provide a contingency live chat connection when your customer needs to talk to a real person

No-code dialog builder

Edit conversation content to modify what triggers your A.I. Ambassador and what to say. Our Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine auto converts the script and ready to read it out at any time.

Advanced ASR Engine

Understand all real-life conversation in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, or any languages, powered by Asiabots’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine.

hong kong customs ambassador.png

"With Asiabots, we've developed an internal use AI service agent "Customers Ambassador" to help handle daily enquiry of IT devices repair and maintenance in our department."

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department

pyneh ambassador.jpg

“In our recent evaluation report, all the staff agreed that Asiabots's AI Ambassador is particularly useful in helping healthcare professional to handle health info enquires of the visitor through conversations.”

easter hospital logo.png

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong

Different models of Asiabot’s A.I. Ambassador

Add-on features for designated use case of our conversationable A.I. Ambassador

Directory Bot

Highlight 1

Push advertising & news

Upload and display your lastest promotions or activities to the public, and shows real-time news and weather info.

Highlight 2

IoT Integration

Able to integrate with wide-range of hardwares such as ticket printer, scanner, card reader, temperature detector, NFC reader, etc.

Highlight 3

Way-finding robot connection

Summon nearby way-finding robot to guide visitors to the destination they are looking for

Highlight 4

O2O connection

Scan the QR code on A.I. Ambassador for mobile guidance to the destination.

Enquiry bot

Highlight 1

Multimedia answers

Further enhance your customer’s using experience of A.I. Ambassador by providing resolution with abundant presentation of images and videos

Highlight 2

Shortcut button for quick resolution

Put what your customer frequently asked questions in prominent location and helps them to get their problem solved with least effort.

asiabots red bgd.png

Talk to our expert to learn more about A.I. Ambassador

Feel free to ask us anything about A.I. Ambassador such as:

  • Pricing
  • Integration with existing hardware / system
  • Demo Request?
  • Tailor-made model with specific requirement

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