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A.I. Voicebot

Enhance your call services with humanlike auto call AI

Cloud-based AI call center that auto calls your customer and handles their enquiry, fully interactable with voices.
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AI auto call agent that boost self-service call experience

Let your customer search faster with Voice-controlled IVR

Stop infuriating your customer by telling them to press 1-9 again and again! Our AI IVR let your customer say what they’re looking for and bring them to the right place instantly.

Follow-up the call with next actions

Set the AI Voice to provide follow-up action at appropriate moment such as WhatsApp and text message, phone forwarding, and voice recording, etc.

Auto transcription of all conversations

Auto recognize all the conversations and turn them all into text. This makes your call reviewing process more efficient, helps you to get new insights for further development.

How does AI-handled customer call sound


Technical Support

00:00 / 01:43

Bank Service

00:00 / 01:13

Hotel Room Service

00:00 / 01:36

Bank Service

00:00 / 01:20
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Huge-saving of making repetitive outbound call

Pre-schedule call campaign

Simply upload a contact list, set time and date, and assign a call script. The AI Voicebot will automatically make phone calls which is a great tools for notifications, reminder call, marketing, or sales call.

Swifter and cheaper than messaging

Get more immediate response from your target customers with the call campaign function to obtain early insight for follow-up. Only valid call will be charged.

Variable content in call script

Freely tag any variables content such as customer name and booking time in the call scipt. A.I. Voicebot will identify those tags and read out your given data for each call.

Auto follow-up action

Tell A.I. Voicebot to do whatever follow-up action for any call results. Send confirmation message for answering “Yes” or Call back reminder for answering “No”.

The Hong Kong Government is now making advantage of our A.I. Voicebot’s architecture to build an evaluation system for their call center’s agents.

This project is awarded a silver medal at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2022

Easy-to-use and flexible design for management

Change conversation language

Switch the AI Voicebot to speak and process English, Chinese, or any other language you want. Our speech recognition engine also support dialog in multi-language (e.g. Cantonese + English).

Keep track performance and trends

View all the real-time call data and statistics in the panel to keep tracking the call performance, and create better campaigns later on.

No-code automation builder

No prior experience in automation design? Just follow the step-by-step call flow builder, and your call automation is ready to go.

Save your time for recording

Type any content that you want to say to the call receiver. With Asiabots’s Text-to-Speech tech, A.I. Voicebot can precisely process your text and deliver it in natural voice to your customer.

Cloud-based without installation

Voicebot is running on a cloud platform which allows you to access it anywhere with browsers.

Works perfectly without PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Phone System installed, and ready to use upon deployment.

“By transforming our service hotline from traditional IVR system to Asiabots’s AI Voice system, it helps our visually impaired members to have a better access in getting latest info and registering service.”

Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation

HKBSF Asiabots's AI Voicebot.jpg
Every A.I. Voicebot’s call is spoken in Asiabots’s humanlike A.I. Voices, making your call

Every A.I. Voicebot’s call is spoken in Asiabots’s humanlike A.I. Voices, making your call lifelike and expressive.

Flexible and transparent pricing models for business with different needs

Outbound call only plan
For small business or individual making 400-10,000 calls per month

Hong Kong

from US$39 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.097 per call)


from US$39 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.097 per call)


from US$39 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.097 per call)

South Korea

from US$39 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.097 per call)


from US$29 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.07 per call)


from US$109 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.27 per call)

Europe & North America


from US$29 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.07 per call)

United Kingdom

from US$59 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.15 per call)

United States

from US$29 / month

400 outbound call

(US$0.07 per call)

Your country or region is not listed above?

We’re more than happy to introduce our A.I. Voicebot to every corner of the world! Just contact us and we’ll help to find out your needs.

Voicebot outbound call plan
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Talk to our expert to learn more about A.I. Voicebot

Feel free to ask us anything about A.I. Voicebot such as:

  • Pricing of outbound and inbound Call?
  • API & Integration with company’s current phone system?
  • Demo Request?
  • Non profit organiszation discount?

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