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Financial Institution

Boost efficiency and enhance experience in customer service

Asiabots helps modernize financial enterprise to keep up with ever-changing customer needs and improve quality of service they provided.
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Recognized with a number of Fintech Awards

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Transform your financial service with Asiabots A.I. to stay ahead of the service operation's future

Benefit 01

Shift to an agile operation in rapidly changing time

As one of the cornerstones of the society, financial institutes need to keep up with the ongoing changes of front-facing and back office operations.

By leveraging A.I. Customer Service Tech, it helps financial service industry to ease human resource difficulties, such as high employee turnover and cost of employee training.

Benefit 02

Instant service with consistency

With people's increasing expectation to customer service teams, the speed of service has become a key metric in improving the customer experience.


Asiabots's A.I. Customer Service solution helps transform your service to communicate real-time with customer via multi-channel such as phone calls, web and onsite inquiries, provides humanlike service with high consistency.

Benefit 03

Stress-free setup and management

Asiabots has been a trusted partner in various industries with our A.I. expertise. From small business to enterprise, we guide businesses to create their unique custom experience that’s a perfect fit for their customers.

After initial implementation, the operation team can easily configure setting and access usage data through web-based admin panel, without taking up existing engineering resources.


At least 2M USD is spent every year by each bank in front line customer service.


cost saved by using Asiabots O2O A.I. Customer Service Solution

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It takes a call center 1 day to handle 20,000 calls with 50 staff


time saved by using our Voicebot with same number of staff

How finance institutions use Asiabots's A.I. Solution

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AIA Group

AIA Group saves customer service manpower by using A.I. Ambassador in their customer service center. Recently, AIA Group also transform their call experience, all the payment reminder and satisfactory survey phone call is now given automatically with A.I. Voicebot.

AI Ambassador using by Kcash Konew Fintech Hong Kong in Shatin Station.jpg

K Cash powered by 
Konew Fintech

Konew Fintech builds its staffless branch in a Hong Kong MTR station and invites Carey, the most well-known virtual assistant of Asiabots's A.I. Ambassador, to handle simple but repetitive questions from potential client with cheerful expression. With A.I. Ambassador, customer can still enjoy a humanlike and pleasant service experience in a staffless store.

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Modernize your customer communication with Asiabots now

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