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Public Sector

Provide smart and outstanding service with innovative A.I. tech

Asiabots helps government agencies and NGO to embrace A.I. Tech, improving satisfaction of service user and keep up with the digitalization trend.
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The Hong Kong Government is now making advantage of our A.I. Voicebot’s architecture to build an evaluation system for their call center’s agents.

This project is awarded a silver medal at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2022

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Transform public service with Asiabots A.I. to stay ahead of the service operation's future

Benefit 01

Shift to an agile operation in rapidly changing time

As one of the cornerstones of the society, the public sector need to keep up with the ongoing changes of front-facing and back office operations.

By leveraging A.I. Customer Service Tech, it helps public service agencies to enhance service experience, and bring the current transformation trend of A.I. automation in private sector to the public sector.

Benefit 02

Instant service with consistency

With people's increasing expectation to customer service, the speed of service has become a key metric in improving the customer experience.


Asiabots's A.I. Customer Service solution helps transform your service to communicate real-time with service user via multi-channel such as phone calls, web and onsite inquiries, provides humanlike service with high consistency.

Benefit 03

Stress-free setup and management

Asiabots has been a trusted partner in various industries with our A.I. expertise. From small business to enterprise, we guide businesses to create their unique custom experience that’s a perfect fit for their customers.

After initial implementation, the operation team can easily configure setting and access usage data through web-based admin panel, without taking up existing engineering resources.

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In a recent Accenture survey of public service user, half are already happy to use public services delivered by A.I.


customer satisfactory rate increase after the deployment of A.I. helpdesk 

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It takes a call center 1 day to handle 20,000 calls with 50 staff


time saved by using our Voicebot with same number of staff

How health organizations use Asiabots's A.I. Solution

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Hong Kong Immigration Department Logo.png

Hong Kong Immigration Department

The Hong Kong Immigration Department introduces their first conversational A.I. service bot "i-Bonnie", developed from Asiabots's A.I. Ambassador in Wan Chai Immigration Tower. i-Bonnie greets visitors warmly and provide service info like a human representative, which helps to shoulder the tremendous frontline enquiry demand of the Immigration Department.

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Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation

The IVR system is commonly used by lots of business and organizations in their phone system globally, but a number of customer service researches reveal that the ordinary IVR phone system poisons customer experience, in which listening irrelevant options and lengthy menus irritates are said to be the worst part of the IVR.


To organization such as the HKBSF, they crave for offering accessible and convenient service to their members and user. This makes HKBSF to modernize their service hotline with Asiabots's Voicebot A.I. IVR technology, creating a more enjoyable phone system to their members, especially in helping their visually impaired members to have a better access in getting latest info and registering service.

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Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.png

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department

Today, leaders of government agency around the world aspire to use A.I. tech to increase productivity and demonstrate a public image of tech pioneer. Among them, the Hong Kong Customs collaborate with Asiabots to develop their "Customs Ambassador", and is now on duty at the concierge of the Office of Information Technology. The A.I. Ambassador helps customs officers to get their required assistance through conversations, with mixed-language understanding capability of bilingual and trilingual communications.

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Modernize your public service with Asiabots innovative A.I. now

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