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We’re in relentless pursuit of A.I. technological innovation that shapes the future of communication

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Established in 2017, we initially deploying our A.I. & Voice technology in medical areas, and gradually expand on other industries such as banking, insurance, hospitality, property and more.


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Our leadership

Asiabots is founded and lead by solid experienced team members in business operation, A.I. development, ICT, System and technology. Each of them are serial entrepreneurs and has founded companies in technologies / international global businesses areas.​


Chris Shum

Co-founder & CEO

Chris is a Serial Entrepreneur founded 3 companies. He has 20+ years in global business, online business, APP development, high-end technology and innovation.

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Isaac Wong

Co-founder & CIO

Isaac has 15+ years experience in leading APAC computer networking on a multinational corporation. Serial Entrepreneur. Expert in network, ICT industry, management and system architecture.


Ryan Lam

Co-founder & CTO

Ryan leads R&D of Asiabots' AI technologies and AI solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in A.I. Computing algorithm development, Machine Learning, software & system architecture development.

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Terence Chiu

Chief Operating Officer

Terence has more than 20 years of extensive experience in ICT industry, skilled in A.I. IoT, Data Center, Contact Centers, SAAS and consultation. Previously, he worked at SenseTime, NEC and HKT.

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Our advisory board

Dr. Gregg Li

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Gregg specializes in designing and building great companies. A serial entrepreneur and a company doctor, he chairs a few boards that are adding value to themselves, their customers, and to humanity.

Professor CK Cho

Adviser on Legal Compliance

Professor CK CHO has acquired considerable experience in legal compliance risk management and internal control in both private and public sector. He is a Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Directors and a Certified Fraud Examiner. CK is former President of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Hong Kong Chapter

Mr. Patrick Wong

Financing and Fundraising

Patrick specializes in corporate turnaround, structured finance, and private equity investments. He is director of both Main board and GEM board listed companies.

Mr. Francis Mok

Company Development and HR

Francis specializes in Organizational development and Human Capital development. He is a past president of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management and a past president of HKIHRM.

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