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More timely and personalized support for patient

Implementing innovative A.I. healthcare solution to help deliver better consumer engagement, more convenient and efficient healthcare service experience.
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Transform healthcare organizations with Asiabots A.I. to stay ahead of the service operation's future

Benefit 01

Meet the rising needs of human-centric and personalized service

The pandemic has increased the needs of making healthcare easier, more convenient for patients and improving access when in-person healthcare is not available or preferred.

By leveraging A.I. Customer Service Tech, it helps health organization to enhance service experience, providing intelligent and personal support to patient.

Benefit 02

Instant service with consistency

With people's increasing expectation to customer service, the speed of service has become a key metric in improving the customer experience.


Asiabots's A.I. Customer Service solution helps transform your service to communicate real-time with service user via multi-channel such as phone calls, web and onsite inquiries, provides humanlike service with high consistency.

Benefit 03

Stress-free setup and management

Asiabots has been a trusted partner in various industries with our A.I. expertise. From small business to enterprise, we guide businesses to create their unique custom experience that’s a perfect fit for their customers.

After initial implementation, the operation team can easily configure setting and access usage data through web-based admin panel, without taking up existing engineering resources.


An Accenture analysis reveals that the labour shortage in healthcare is expected to double in the next nine years


estimated unmet service demand can be addressed by A.I.

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It takes a call center 1 day to handle 20,000 calls with 50 staff


time saved by using our Voicebot with same number of staff

How health organizations use Asiabots's A.I. Solution

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Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Hong Kong

The crowding of emergency department is a major challenge faced by hospitals around the world, it compromises the care quality to patients and causes burnout of the health workers. Based on research, an effective patient flow management is one of the key solutions to reduce emergency department crowding.

The Pamela Youde Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital implements Asiabots's A.I. Ambassador to their Triage workflow. The A.I. Ambassador assesses patients by asking several simple questions and it will give for next step to relieve frontline staff from duplicative enquiries. In the recent hospital's evaluation report, 100% of staff agreed that Asiabots's AI Ambassador is particularly useful in helping healthcare professional to handle health info enquires of the visitor through conversations.

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Human Health HK

As a leader in Hong Kong healthcare industry, Human Health wants a solution to bring personal and rapid support to customer on their website. Human Health chooses Asiabots A.I. Chatbot to deliver automated service such as Clinic Finding, Doctor Matching to their customers. With Asiabots's A.I. Chatbot, it improves their customer's efficiency in locating desired services and the overall service experience in digital channel.

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GIMO 惠通團隊 and Society for Innovative Healthcare, Hong Kong.png

GIMO and Society for Innovative Healthcare, Hong Kong

The Society for Innovative Healthcare Hong Kong and a range of organisations collaborated with Asiabots developed a one-stop COVID-19 health info enquriy platform "Virus Fighter Ne Zha" to Hong Kong citizen. Powered by Asiabots's A.I. Chatbot, the Virus Fighter Ne Zha deliver reliable and fact-checked information to user with any kind of enquiries round the clock via WhatsApp.

With any concerned keywords entered, the system will then provide accurate answers given by healthcare professionals in the form of short videos.

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Modernize your health service with Asiabots innovative A.I. now

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