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A.I. Chatbot

Handle repeated enquires and routine tasks 24/7 online

Give your customer quick and convenient support through multiple online channels. Relief your support team and let them to devote to more complicated task.

Serve your customer in any language and device

Multilingual with mixed language capability

With our AI’s laguage processing model, it can understand English, Chinese, or any language by request. It also supports creole language, understanding dialog with mixed language usage.

Integration with your current system

A.I. Chatbot is compatible to integrate with comprehensive CRM, CMS, membership, booking, POS, E-commerce system.

Support a wide range of online channel

Let people reach your business in where they usually visit. You can deploy our A.I. Chatbot on various channels, including Whatsapp, Signal, FB messagers, Instagram, Wechat, and your company’s website / app.

Seamless integration with popular messengers


Know more, answer more than conventional chatbot

Humanize A.I. architecture

Forget the rigid flow-based chatbot design from now. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine can auto-identify the intent of user enquiry, then directly send the most suitable service info to the user.

Smart recommendation

Thanks to the logic design of our A.I., the A.I. Chatbot can categorizes customers from their behaviours and responses, then provides them appropriate assistence, feedback and recommendation.

Know more, answer more then conventional chatbot.png

Interface Design that adapts all kinds of scenarios

Personalized appearance

Design the interface style to match the branding of your business. All visual elements such as color palette, typography, animation, and icons are all open for customization upon request.

Responsive Interface Design

The A.I. Chatbot is designed to auto resize and adapt different screen sizes, to ensure a consistent using experience in desktop, tablet and phone of the user.

Wide choice of funtion components

Choose any funtion components that suitable for your use case. You can put a search bar, Call-to-action buttons, registration form, or any components from our library to the A.I. Chatbot.

"We’re using Asiabots’s AI Chatbot to handle customer-service questions such as doctor suggestions, operation hour, health care voucher or vaccine and other kind of repetitive Q&A."

Human Health, Hong Kong

"Our Covid-19 info enquiry platform "Virus Fighter Ne Zha" is built upon Asiabots's AI Chatbot, runs 24/7 to handle public enquiry of Covid-19 and other medical information."

GIMO 惠通團隊 and Society for Innovative Healthcare, Hong Kong.png

GIMO 惠通團隊 and Society for Innovative Healthcare, Hong Kong

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Modernize your customer communication with Asiabots now

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