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Microsoft Tuesday With Techies ft. Asiabots Introducing Cantonese AI Ambassador 廣東話AI機械人方案

Cantonese AI Ambassador by Asiabots creates the new Hong Kong smart city

謝謝Microsoft的邀請,讓我們和大家分享創新AI方案 - 人工智能客戶服務大使,Carey是全球首個支援廣東話對話嘅 AI 顧客服務大使。透過 AI 技術和 Microsoft Azure雲端服務 ,Carey 將會協助不同行業提供更智能、更個人化嘅顧客服務體驗,同時協助香港進一步邁向智慧城市!


Thanks for the invitation from Microsoft to let us to introduce our creative AI solution - A.I. Ambassador. Carey is the world's first Cantonese-speaking A.I. Ambassador, empowered by Microsoft Azure and AI technologies, it helps elevate customer experience in various sectors.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more demo and information



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