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A.I.幫你「聽電話」| A.I. Answers Call for You

今天是A.I.幫你聽電話!想像一下當你已經忙得不可開交,櫃檯前的電話又一直響過不停,但往往當你硬抽一絲時間來接聽電話時,客人千篇一律的查詢又會否教你有些煩躁呢?Asiabots最新研發的 — 有靈魂、有溫度、屬於香港人的廣東話A.I.聲音正好能為你解決這個問題!

It is ‘A.I. answers call for you’ today! Imagine the phone keeps ringing while you are buried with work, is answering the same inquiries a bit annoying? Our human-liked, passionate A.I. Voice that belongs to Hong Kong people, developed by Asiabots recently could definitely solve your problem.

我們同時研發了不同語調的A.I. Voice,切合不同情境及企業形象,總有一把適合你的聲音!

We developed A.I. Voices with different tones which suit various scenarios. There must be a voice suit you the most!



Explore how Asiabots's A.I. solution can evolve your customer communication
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