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A.I.幫你「打電話」 | A.I. Calls for You

說起A.I Call,或許大眾能想起的只有一式一樣的語調,配上Robot獨有的聲音,教人聽著不禁馬上想要掛掉電話的「魅力」。但你又知道嗎,現在的A.I. Call已經可以做到自然流暢的語調,還可以根據對方的回應,即時作出反應。

When we talk about A.I. Call, people usually could only remember the flat and unique robotic voice, which is totally not pleasant to listen, ‘encouraging’ us to end the call as fast as we could. However, do you know the A.I. Call now is so natural with intonation that could give instant reply and response?

早年在Google I/O 開發者大會,Google展示過人工智能撥打電話,能做到的不止「錄音式」背誦對話,而是以流暢的英語「說」出來。而Google亦把此技術應用在日常生活,Google Assistant接收用戶的要求後,能夠直接替用戶撥打電話預約餐廳及各種服務,為用戶省掉自行聯絡店家的步驟及時間。

Google once demonstrated using A.I. Call during Google I/O. What A.I. can do is not only reciting the same script with no emotion anymore, but ‘speak’ it out fluently now. Google applied the technology into our daily live. Google Assistant could direct help the users call out to reserve a seat in a restaurant or other services once they receive users’ request, therefore no extra steps and time is required to contact the shops.


If you have never watched the conference, let’s review it now.

A.I.技術驚為天人,A.I. Call對用戶而言或許帶來的好處不多,但對企業就截然不同了。想像一下把A.I. Call的對象倒轉,讓人工智能替你聽電話、解答客戶的問題、預訂服務,這可令你的員工能夠專注服務現場的客戶,提昇服務質素,才會產生更多Loyal Customer。

The extraordinary A.I. technology might not be so beneficial to normal users, but it is a different story if you are managing a corporation. Imagine applying A.I. Call technology into your business, A.I. could help you receive calls, answer customers’ inquiries, booking and reservation management, more and more. Your staff could focus on the actual customers and provide a better service. They become loyal customer only when they receive the best service.


Technology might not benefit your business directly, but it is an influencing factor. People who could make good use of technology and innovative product should be those who could become the top among the thousands.



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