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商場裡迷了路?A.I.幫你解決! | Get Lost in the Mall? A.I. Solves Your Problem!


Have you ever got lost in a mall? It sounds funny but we do believe many of us have got lost in a mall, or could not find the shop we want to go. We feel shy to be known that we cannot find our way, so some of us might be hesitate to use the directory or ask for assistance in the customer service centre. Do you know that technology might be able to solve this problem?


One of the solution is to suggest your guests downloading your shopping mall app. Management team could embed a chatbot inside, providing maps to guests, therefore they could check the map secretly. By using the GPS system, you could mark the current location and plan the route first. Guests could easily find the shops located in the corner.


For those shops not located in the main way of the mall, the rent is relatively low as the travel amount is low. If the mall management team could solve the problem, it could raise sales of the shop and the mall could consider increasing the rent. Guests could enjoy a better shopping experience at the meanwhile.


Any other solution would be using our robot Temi! Robot Temi developed by Asiabots could directly lead you to the destination after knowing where you want to go. Let’s watch our demo video now.

原來利用人工智能亦可幫助提升物業管理的品質和效率,如果想要知多一點,歡迎到 瀏覽更多或聯繫我們的團隊。

Using artificial intelligence could improve the quality and efficiency of property management. Please visit our website or contact our team if you want to know more about our service.



Explore how Asiabots's A.I. solution can evolve your customer communication
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