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探究日本人工智能 | A.I. Technology in Japan

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Many of us might agree that technology in Japan is one step forward than many countries. The level of acceptance of new technology products by the public is also relatively higher than that of other districts. So, for today, let us put our focus on Japan’s A.I. development!


The Japan Government previously announced that they are planning to spend over 100 million and collaborate with various enterprises and sectors to build 10 A.I. hospitals. By using artificial intelligence, they aim at relieving pressure, fully utilizing resources and raising medical facilities competitiveness. In the meanwhile, the police force also decided to invest and develop object and human recognition system to improve their investigation ability.

Tifana, a Japan A.I. enterprise, create their own ambassador and apply into the real business.


Some of our friends appreciate our A.I. Virtual Ambassador Carey very much, and asked if it is illustrated by professional Japanese illustrator. As one of the country that animation is very popular, Japanese must create their own ambassador by themselves. Tifana, a Japan enterprise, create their own ambassador and apply into the real business.

下一個A.I. Blog,我們再來說一下到底日本如何應用他們的技術到商業場景,星期四見!
In our next A.I. Blog, we will tell you how can they apply their new technologies into the real business. See you on Thursday!



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