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如何在酒店中使用人工智能電話?How could we apply A.I. Call in Hospitality?

如何在醫護界運用人工智能?How to apply A.I. in medical industry

一說起人工智能運用在酒店行業的場景, 可能各位讀者立刻想起一大堆機械人協助搬運行李;又或者是阿里未來酒店的天貓精靈福袋,令大部分服務可以通過手機及「刷臉」完成。IoT技術經過多年發展,服務已經於很多酒店落地,接合智能音箱,例如Alexa for Hospitality,旅客使用語音已可以控制大部分酒店房間的設施。

When we talk about using A.I. in hospitality, you might think of robots transferring luggage, or the Tmall Genie in FlyZoo Hotel to serve their customers through phone and facial recognition. IoT technology has been developed for a few years, services could be applied in various parts. Visitors could simply use dialogue to control electrical appliances in the guestroom with smart speaker, like Alexa for Hospitality.


Using AI technology and new technologies can save manpower. Using Alibaba’s e-payment could reduce 70% of financial work. During COVID-19, avoiding physical contact could prevent from transmission also.

但是酒店的服務重視Human Touch,很多時候顧客還是喜歡通過傳統的方式接受服務。其實科技發展迅速,即使酒店是一個需要重視交流對話,人工智能都可以幫到手。

Hospitality industry pays special attention on human touch. Most of the guests still prefer traditional style of service. In fact, technology is developing rapidly, even though communication is important for hospitality, artificial intelligence could still offer help.

Room Service 房間服務是酒店其中一個需要接線生長期駐守的服務項目,而且需要24小時全日運作,大部分顧客所詢問的資料或要求的服務都大同小異,人工智能電話機械人Voicebot 便存在優勢。顧客可以更快更直接得到答案,不需要等待接線生轉駁電話。而且可以免卻語言障礙或者於繁忙時間人手不足的問題。 酒店可以考慮把大部分電話的服務通過人工智能作出處理或者分流,讓最需要服務的人士留給真人客服處理,提升服務質素及效率。

Room Service is one of the services that require a 24-hours non-stop service. Most of the enquiries are similar. In this way, Voicebot becomes a possible solution. Guests do not need to wait for the transferring call, but directly ask the Voicebot for service and answer. Voicebot could serve the users 24/7 and do not have any language barrier or peak hour problem. Hotels could consider using A.I. to serve and segmentize the users first. Your staff could focus on handling those relatively complicated tasks, and hence raising the effectiveness and efficiency.



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