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Facebook Ad Manager好難用?受夠了Facebook Ad海鮮價?| Enough with un-user-friendly Facebook Ad Manager and cons

Facebook Ad Manager好難用?受夠了Facebook Ad海鮮價?Asiabots的Lead-to-Sales Engine幫到你!

Enough with un-user-friendly Facebook Ad Manager and constantly changed Ad budget? Asiabots’ Lead-to-Sales Engine can offer help!

對香港中小企而言,尋找生意機會已經非常困難,又不一定能負擔一個專門處理Marketing事務的職員,往往老闆也可能需要親力親為處理廣告事務。香港人現時大多使用Facebook及Instagram的社交平台,使用Facebook Ad Manager又複雜。另外,Facebook的廣告有如「海鮮價」一樣,按Engagement Rate計算價格,但既然你已不是Marketing的專才,所訂的Campaign又怎會取得優越的成果呢?這樣只令你的廣告效率低微,但卻毫無改進的頭緒。

For SMEs in Hong Kong, finding business opportunities in this current situation is very difficult. They might not be able to afford hiring a marketing specialist to handle advertisement placement. For Hong Kong people, most of us are using Facebook and Instagram for social media. Both social media applications are using Facebook Ad Manager for placing advertisement. It is complicated, and the cost is fluctuating all the time depending on your ad’s engagement rate. As if you are not a Marketing expert, how could you strike a great statistic for your campaign? It is totally a vicious cycle but you have no clue to improve.


Have you ever thought of promoting your business through WhatsApp?

我們的Lead-to-Sales Engine可以一鍵發送大量的訊息到你的目標客人的電話,以主動及有效的方式直接推銷你的產品到客人手中,且收費合宜,無需再度忍受Facebook的海鮮價,而是「send幾多、比幾多」!

Our Lead-to-Sales Engine can broadcast mass message to your target customers’ phone, promoting your product in a direct and effective way. You do not need to tolerate the fluctuating ad price from Facebook anymore. You send, and you paid!


如果想要知道更多有關Lead-to-Sales Engine的資訊,請電郵,獲得更多適合你的資訊及示範。

Please email if you want to know more about Lead-to-Sales Engine.



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