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Lead-to-Sales Engine 知多點 | Little More about Lead-to-Sales Engine


We mentioned our Omni Channel Broadcasting System on Monday. Let us show you how great it is today!

AI提我去睇醫生?Voicebot應用比你想像更廣泛! | Booking Confirm?Voicebot have far more applications than you imagine!


First, let us tell you how to input your customers’ information into our platform. Our platform support uploading data by CSV file, so that you could upload your customers’ contacts once you input them into a CSV file. You could also sort them into various lists after your successfully upload the contacts.


Some of our clients said that it might be a bit troublesome to upload the contacts. However, our platform could build your own customer profiles and sort them into different tags, so that you could easily split your customers with different preferences.


What you only need to do is upload the contacts, our system could generate your customer profiles automatically, with users’ social media account, birthday and preferences etc. You could also check your campaign reading status after you sent a promotion message, and their chatting history. You could easy check and follow the progress to facilitate the efficiency of the promotion campaign.



That’s the end of our little secret of our platform today. We will share more once we have chance!



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