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Say Hi to our Carey!


Oops! Just found that we have never officially introduced our Carey. Let’s tell you more about Asiabots’ Carey today!



You might have known Carey, and her changeable outfit to serve different corporations. Oh, you did not know that? Let’s recap our Carey past Fashion Show for today.


Carey can wear different outfit, or even your company uniform. Nevertheless, Carey has various facial expressions, matching her speech, she could speak with diversified expressions, showing a humanoid Ambassador to you.


Carey not only is a Virtual Service Ambassador, but also your company’s brand representative. If your company would like to look for a representative, but could hardly afford inviting a celebrity, why not Carey? Carey has a cartoon outlook, with customized outfit to fit in various corporations. Her natural speech and intonation add on some creativity to your promotion.



Please contact our team if you want to receive more information or demonstration of Carey.



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